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May the Fourth Be With You

musings May 30, 2017

Denver’s ArtWars 2017 event at the swanky Curtis Hotel was a blast.  Here I am with my works.  Many thanks to Ken Hamblin at Westword.

  • westword




“The Struggle is Real,” oil and charcoal over photography on panel, 11″ x 14″


“I Come Here to Clear My Head,” oil and charcoal over photography on panel, 11″ x 14″


“Just Don’t Startle the Wildlife,” oil and charcoal over photography on panel, 12″ x 12″

Comicon North

musings July 16, 2015

Fantastic show with fantastic people! Here is a great review in Vanguard Culture. Thank you Patric and Javier. This has been a great experience. 🙂
with Patric

Here I am with with Patric Stillman, owner of The Studio Door, one of the nicest gallerists I’ve met!  And of course, my piece: “Jellyfish.”


Vanguard Culture

Aagaard_Cruz_P2, 5/27/14, 9:47 AM, 16C, 9000x12000 (0+0), 150%, Repro 2.2 v2,  1/20 s, R98.2, G86.7, B100.7

Comicon North

Article by Rebecca Romani

It’s late on a Friday and the Studio Door Gallery on 30th is still going strong for the opening of its national Comicon-inspired show, “Strip: Caricature, Satire and the Funnies.” The caricature artist is working on a couple who looks thrilled to be getting mildly caricaturized and someone is busily adding lines to the communal canvas off in the corner. She is concentrating so hard she barely notices people looking over her shoulder.

“Wow,” she says to her brush, “I am loving this!”

And so is curator Patrick Stillman as he moves between artists and guests. “I’m super excited!”

“Strip” is the latest from the relatively new kid on the ad hoc up and coming arts district block that has sprung up on 30th below University Avenue: The Studio Door.

The show is a fantastic spread of single frame comics and…

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Art by Lauren Berley: National Art Exhibit (USA)

musings May 25, 2015

Fantastic discovery this morning. A great big thank-you to Artist Portfolio Magazine for jurying me into this national exhibit.

Artist Portfolio Magazine

Artist Portfolio Magazine

National Art Exhibit

Lauren Berley

Lauren Berley’s work in multiple disciplines mirrors her cinematic and intimate experience of the world, polarity, and what it means to be human. For two decades, Lauren’s photography has been seen in publications and projections on both coasts and abroad. Her award-winning written, spoken, and cinematic works have been screened and installed in museums, galleries, historical institutions, and educational facilities across the United States.

In her twenties, Lauren began her career photographing young Hollywood, stretching beyond the basic needs of agents and publicists to develop the raw and honest style that represents her own nature in all mediums. Over the years she has brought insatiable, edgy curiosity to her work, becoming a theoretical anthropologist and bringing forth her whimsical-yet-cutting discoveries on wood, paper, screen, and canvas.

“I have never lived on the surface,” says Lauren, “I can’t function there.”

Title Urchin Debut   Medium 	Oil and Charcoal on Canvas   Size 	18 in x 24 in Title Urchin Debut

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countdown to santa fe

musings, On Art and Culture, travel, wanderlust May 24, 2015

Dream Studio 2I’m having a tough time staying present because Thursday I’m off to Santa Fe and Taos with my Mom.  It is her maiden voyage and I have faith in that she will be completely overtaken in splendor.

My first item of business is a prickly-pear margarita at The Shed, the magenta-colored one I’ve been thinking about since my last trip in 2013.  And the stuffed tempura-fried squash blossoms at La Fonda.

And then… nothing but good art!   I have a pile of artists’ cards from last time and I’m really excited to see some again. And there are new artists I’ve discovered through social media… and a whole week to adventure without commitments!