Culmination. The long road home to Colorado.

On Art and Culture June 7, 2012



For the past twenty-five years I have been a roving artist, a documentarian, a forager, and a student.  In cities and in farmlands, within the lower 48 and overseas… in coastal communities, and in medieval mountainside villages… I have lived, loved, and learned as a local.  Yet nothing has been so exhilarating as my return to this glorious state and its limitless bounty.

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  1. Jenny says on June 7, 2012

    Excellent! I wish I was you (or Justin Bieber). More blogging please.

  2. Lauren Berley says on June 8, 2012

    Thank you, Jenny! I will be doing more blogging, definitely. Please, if you’re so inclined, subscribe to my new one that accompanies my new business:

    Hugs at all in Santa Ynez. I miss you guys. Maybe start a pilgrimage to Colorado? La mia casa e la tua casa. xo

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