Art Awakens.

On Art and Culture December 28, 2010

08 November 2010, Victoria and Albert Museum, “Cameraless Photography” Exhibition. London, England

An awe-inspiring exhibition is daunting,  an invitation to breathe in greatness, the unforeseen bonus for the price of admission.  Some art simply paralyzes me.

Exhilaration, interwoven with tiny-yet-mighty threads of self-loathing, tugs at my sleeve, a patchwork smattering of intensity to cloud bliss.

Where have I been hiding out?  And when did my world view become such a narrow, defeatist’s playground?

Here in the dark, senses on high alert, I key into the lush works that are lit to pop out from another dimension.  I am slightly uncomfortable.  I have never been so confronted by the power of greatness.  I  forgot there are others here.  And now an artist is beside me in the darkness.  The whisper of her pencil tickles the paper, perhaps guided.

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