A Gypsy’s Manifesto.

On Art and Culture December 28, 2010

Recent travels have pried my mind open.  It’s more than the beauty, but the utter extraction from my own fledgling culture, a sort of cut-and-paste action in a transient lifestyle.  In short, I have come to terms with an undeniable fact that is I am a modern-day Nomad.

Burdened by the confines of the culture of “building,” I have searched for the place to lay down and grow roots.  Everywhere feels like home, yet nowhere feels like “forever.”  A recent month-long journey to London and Tuscany has rendered me uprooted, as I give up what was for what might be.  Shortly after returning to the States, Thanksgiving travel to my former home(s) in Upstate New York  reminded me that I am, indeed, a Gypsy.

A gypsy sets up shop on fresh sites, moves quickly to maximize, , then quickly moves on when father time mandates.  How I have been fighting her.  But nature will always win.  So I hereby embrace my inner gypsy and explore a nomadic existence, hopefully in a way that can inspire and unleash others’ untapped yearnings.

Beginning with three months on an olive farm and Agriturismo in Pontremoli, a wild and underdeveloped part of Tuscany, I will immerse myself in a lifestyle of sheer abandon, submitting to all that is presented to me, and letting all preconception fall to the wayside.  There is nothing to gain by clinging steadfast to what little I know.  There is no rhyme or reason to resignation, even for an Earthling trying to make sense of all this matter.

A new year brings new experience, both outer and inner.  Please stay tuned for my shares, if you are so inclined.  I would like so much to inspire and to empower.  I suppose not all gypsies lean toward such aspirations, but this is my manifesto, hopefully for life.

Others of like mind.


My name is Lauren Berley and I am a Certified Professional Coach. I am also a working contemporary artist. Film maker. Photojournalist. Writer. Small-scale farmer/farm stand artisan. And your kindred partner on the Gifted & Creative journey. I help Gifted and Creative people unblock pathways to creating their most meaningful lives. And my artwork expresses the sensations and yearnings from deep within my little seed of Spirit.

Comments 3

  1. Kandy Stern says on December 30, 2010

    The depth of your observations and your brilliance of expression through the written word are extraordinary. Thank you for making a mother so incredibly proud.

    Love the new blog site.

    With great love and admiration,

    • Lauren Berley says on January 11, 2011

      Thank you, Mom.
      It is through your everlasting support that I have no fear of adventure. You are steadfast to assure me everything is as it should be, and that I should follow my heart. Thank you for bringing me here to Earth and then letting me dance here instead of suffering.
      I love you.

  2. Allison Butash says on February 19, 2011

    OMG, I just read your Mom’s comment and if it doesn’t just say the same thing I just posted! WOW – great minds and amazing people think alike!

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